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OHDSI Software and Tools, OMOP CDM ETL, Technical infrastructure services, OHDSI Training, OMOP Standardized Vocabularies
Experience with health data translation

Clinical Architecture's core capabilities and experience revolve around semantic and syntactic health data translation. Our team has worked in this space for over twenty years, helping customers through the provision of software and services to achieve their goals and in doing so uplifting the quality of healthcare data across the industry.

We have developed a world-class healthcare terminology management solution, Symedical, which is used internationally by many of the largest global integrated healthcare delivery network companies (IDNs), government bodies and the healthcare vendor community.

We support over 300 different terminologies / classifications which are available within Symedical. Each terminology including SNOMED CT, ATC, RxNorm, ICD, LOINC, NHS OPCS-4, and NHS dm+d, is loaded into a common representation. Symedical provides tools to allow the management, authoring, mapping and extension/subsetting of content. We provide the capability to integrate terminologies into EHR, decision support and analytical systems via native API’s or FHIR terminology services.

Example data translation service assignments include projects with the following partners.
·       UK Medicines and Healthcare Regulatory Agency - We worked with the UK MHRA to validate their OMOP CDM ETL from clinical data collected by over 1,600 GP practices, in the UK. As part of this project, we also used our Terminology Management solution to review and improve the vocabulary mappings.
·       UK NHS Digital - To support national SNOMED CT implementation in Primary Care, NHS Digital required a review of the mapping tables from CTV3 and READv2 codes to SNOMED CT to ensure that they were fit for purpose when transitioning GP Practice data. Clinical Architecture was contracted to provide a hosted instance of its Symedical terminology platform in which to manage the mapping review process along with project management, technical support and healthcare informatics support.

Our Pivot product is a data quality solution that combines data format conversion, terminology normalization, de-duplication, and data validation into a single platform. Pivot takes in patient data in many formats (FHIR, CDA/C-CDA, HL7, and others), normalizes the data to the required vocabularies, optionally performs de-duplication and other enhancements, and produces a standard, predictable patient message in many available formats such as FHIR and OMOP.

It is estimated that 80% of health data is stored as free text. Clinical Architecture’s SIFT clinical natural language processing solution unlocks hidden data by identifying and returning coded, actionable information to enable use of previously unavailable data.

We have a Professional Services team who can provide support for health translation projects. Whether the need is to accelerate implementation, streamline data transformations or to provide/supplement internal resources, we can provide the required skills to ensure that you meet your objectives.

Other expertise

Improving the quality of patient data across the healthcare industry is key. In no other industry would critical decisions be made without access to accurate, complete and timely data. At Clinical Architecture we work hard with our partners to help improve the quality of the data that they collect, store and share so that we can, together, improve outcomes across the population at large and for individual patients.

Clinical Architecture is active in the standards world contributing to the development of and promoting the use of standards such as OMOP, FHIR, SNOMED CT, ICD and LOINC.

Clinical Architecture are a membership of techUK, a trade association which brings together people, companies and organisations to realise the positive outcomes from digital technology. We activity participate in the network to contribute to the discussions that are organised on behalf of the Health and Social Care sub-group.