Work Packages

WP1: Evidence Workflow Development

WP2: Outcome Driven Healthcare

WP3: Personalised Medicine

WP4: Technical Implementation

WP Leads: Daniel Prieto-Alhambra (University of Oxford) & Gianmario Candore (Bayer)

WP Leads: Dalia Dawoud (NICE) & Eline Vanoverbeeke (Pfizer)

WP Leads: Peter Rijnbeek (Erasmus Medical Centre) & Mark Kruger (Sanofi)

WP Leads: Julia Kurps (The Hyve) & Michel van Speybroeck (Janssen)

Development of use cases to explore topic-specific aspects of governance and quality assessment, provide input for collaboration framework and formulate requirements for the development of analytical tools and interactive dashboards to share study results.

WP2 enables the transition towards outcomes-driven healthcare systems in Europe. This can only be achieved if the EHDEN framework can be used in the context of regulatory approval, health technology assessment (HTA), and for payer purposes. As the EHDEN project is using the OMOP-CDM to build a federated network of data sources standardised to a common data model, WP2  tests whether the OMOP-CDM can be used for said regulatory, HTA and payer activities.

WP3 aims to develop a standardised process to enable personalised decision-making. This includes well-calibrated patient-centred predictive models and risk-effect estimation methods that can be utilised for multiple outcomes of interest to patients and can be applied to observational healthcare data from any patient subpopulation of interest available in the OMOP-CDM.

WP4 is responsible for the technical coordination and development of the EHDEN framework and all its tools and services. This WP collects all requirements from the other work packages and translates them to specific technical implementations. The EHDEN Portal has launched with a Data Partner Catalogue and Feasibility Dashboards initially, more information here.

WP5: Data Workflow Implementation & Service Development

WP6: Outreach and Sustainability

WP7: Project Management and Dissemination

WP Lead: Peter Rijnbeek (EMC)
WP Leads: Carlos Diaz (Synapse) & Johann Proeve (Bayer)
WP Leads: Carlos Diaz (Synapse) & Nigel  Hughes (Janssen)
WP5 will implement the full Data Workflow and to deploy all the services developed in EHDEN. This includes the implementation of the validation framework, the implementation of the SME onboarding, and the data source onboarding. This work will be done in close collaboration with WP4 and WP6. Moreover, WP5 will be involved in the actual study execution in the data network driven by WP1-3.
WP6 is devoted to the development of exploitation strategies that work for all stakeholders and ensure long-term sustainability of EHDEN and its components. The definition of value propositions is at the core of WP6. Exploitation scenarios have been developed from the early stages of the project, incorporating the future users in the identification of their needs. Moreover, WP6 leads the development of an EHDEN community encompassing all key stakeholders, and based on the Consortium’s wide network.
WP7 provides scientific guidance and professional project management for solving trade-offs between scope, time, quality and cost to ensure adequate progress and successful completion of the project. Moreover, it provides guidance for and monitoring of the dissemination of the project results.