Welcome to our blog. This periodic blog on emerging themes related to the research use of health data invites project colleagues as well as acknowledged experts in their fields to share views on emerging themes in working with observational, or real world data and evidence generation.

Our field is evolving rapidly with reference to data, methodology, tools and skills, and governance aspects. We therefore hope that our blog will serve as a forum for the project and colleagues to stimulate the wider debate. EHDEN encourages you to participate in this discussion, as collaboration is one of the cornerstones to optimising evidence generation for the 21st century, impacting positively on clinical care and patient outcomes.

BLOG – Collaboration and the Safer Use of Health Data

October 2022

The use of health data has had an interesting evolution. When I look back to the mid-1980s when I was in general practice in London, and first became aware of the important role computers can play in clinical care

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BLOG – GetReal: Leveraging its history to facilitate a collaborative approach for the use of RWE in Europe

September 2022

Before I share details about GetReal, let me first outline our evolution. The GetReal Institute was established as an independent and sustainable continuation of two Innovative Medicines Initiative (IMI) projects.

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BLOG – Reflections on the OHDSI Europe Symposium 2022

July 2022

The OHDSI Europe Symposium 2022 (24-26 June) kicked off aboard the majestic transatlantic ship: the SS Rotterdam (moored permanently on the Meuse river in Rotterdam). It was a very anticipated and successful event in many respects, so I thought it would be worthwhile to reflect on what made this one so special.

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BLOG – Real World Data’s Expanding Role in Conducting Research & Lessons Learned from COVID-19

June 2022

My team and I are very pleased to see the COVID-19 virus waning thanks to vaccines (and mutations), and that we’re now in a much better place. However, it’s nevertheless still with us and there’s necessarily great interest in the long-term consequences of long COVID..

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BLOG - Ensuring a successful EHDEN future

April 2022

In the EHDEN project, sustainability and outreach were inherent in its design in Work Package 6 (WP6) right from the very beginning, which differentiated it from many other IMI projects.

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BLOG – An Inside Look at Open Science Community Management

March 2022

Open science is playing an increasingly important role in our rapidly changing world. Open science, as defined by the OECD, makes the primary outputs of publicly funded research results – publications and research data – publicly accessible in digital format with no or minimal restriction.

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BLOG – E-thons: paving the way for generating faster real world evidence

February 2022

With the European Health Evidence & Data Network (EHDEN) now in its third year, efforts are more than ever being focused on the second “E” – generating evidence.

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BLOG – 2022 Trends in Health Data and for EHDEN

January 2022

We at EHDEN hope that you had a recuperative break at the end of 2021, start of 2022, but of course this is well in the rear view mirror as we are already close to the end of January.

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