General Assembly

The General Assembly is the governing body including representatives of all twenty-five partners for all strategic decision-making.

Executive Committee

The Ex-Com is an operational committee incorporating at least one of the WP leads, PMO and the Coordinators, overseeing WP activity and deliverables.

Work Packages

Each work package is co-led by a public and EFPIA partner, and completes the prior agreed deliverables, while collaborating together.

Project Management Office

The Project Management Office (PMO) is coordinating all project management aspects (workplan monitoring, progress assessment, budget monitoring, reporting, administration, risk management, communications, etc.), supporting the project overall.

Advisory boards

Scientific Advisory Board

The SAB is a body with consultative functions, composed by renowned external experts in the field, which is devoted to providing the project with strategic, methodological, scientific and technical advice.

Ethics Advisory Board

The EAB is composed of ethics experts and is aimed at ensuring that all EHDEN activities are ethically sound and comply with all due rules and regulations, including data privacy considerations.

Data Source Prioritisation Committee

The DSPC is a specific committee composed of external experts and internal project members, which is in charge of evaluating the applications received from prospective data sources applying for a Grant Award to have their data mapped to the OMOP CDM, according to the procedures and criteria set by the Open Call.

SME Certification Committee

The SMECC is a specific committee in charge of reviewing and selecting SMEs for certification, through an open call and application process composed of internal and external experts.