Kees van Bochove, A Hyve in EHDEN (October 2020)

Kees van Bochove founded The Hyve, based in Utrecht, to facilitate open source software development, enable open science by developing and FAIRifying data in life sciences. Their platform and expertise are a driving force behind the success of the EHDEN project.

In this podcast we discuss how EHDEN was able to produce a high-quality hydroxychloroquine peer review study in only 4 days, and how the platform will be able to assist with European healthcare decision making in the future. It also outlines many of the core issues to be discussed in a webinar series as part of EHDEN’s annual General Assembly and Road Show.


NICE’s Jacoline Bouvy – Using EHDEN to Determine Value for Patients (October 2020)

IMI’s EHDEN is developing a federated data network at scale across Europe, to reduce the time to provide key answers to health research in the real world. The challenge is how can a federated data model help HTAs determine value for patients and healthcare systems?

In this podcast we discuss these challenges with Jacoline Bouvy (National Institute for Health and Care Excellence, NICE), who co-leads EHDEN’s work package 2, focused on outcome driven healthcare. It will outline many of the core challenges that HTA’s face harnessing federated datasets, and outline several issues to be discussed in a multi-stakeholder webinar to be held on October 22nd.


Matt Wiener - EHDEN’s SME Marketplace and Harnessing Informatics (October 2020)

Matt Wiener co-leads the development of EHDEN’s SME Marketplace, training and certifying the project’s growing international network of SMEs that are leveraging observational data locally. The SME network is the EHDEN project’s engine, supplying the local knowledge required to convert the observational data available in many unique EU databases into a common data model so they are usable within a federated network.

In this podcast we discuss the current gulf that exists in medical practice between doctors and quants, and how this situation can be solved in the future. We also discuss the many challenges to harnessing observational data are not, in fact, technical, but political. EHDEN can serve as a test-bed to demonstrate the value of RWE to help remove the barriers that current exist to access health records and apply effectiveness in decision making.


Nigel Hughes, on a quest to find big data's garden of EHDEN (2019)

Nigel Hughes collaborates with the EFPIA Digital Strategic Governing Group, and he is also co-lead of Big Data for Better Outcome’s €30 million flagship consortium, the European Health Data & Evidence Network, or EHDEN. Nigel has long been at the forefront of developing the needed tools and infrastructure to harness health data, through his involvement with previous IMI projects such as EMIF, as well as supporting open source data sharing platforms such as OMOP and OHDSI.

Nigel brings his decades of experience in nursing and directing NGOs in AIDS and Hepatitis C to IMI's EHDEN. His unique perspective on the need for global collaboration to address societal challenges like Alzheimer's disease is well-reasoned and refreshing in today's fractured and divisive political climate.