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For more info and how to apply for our 4th Data Partner call open from 12:00 15th April to 17:00 CET 13th May is available via our open call for Data Partners page.
Our largest call to date!

Welcome to the European Health Data & Evidence Network (EHDEN), an IMI 2 consortium with 22 partners operating in Europe.

Welcome to the website of the European Health Data & Evidence Network (EHDEN), an IMI 2 consortium with 22 partners which will operate in Europe within the Innovative Medicines Initiative.

EHDEN was launched to address the current challenges in generating insights and evidence from real-world clinical data at scale, to support patients, clinicians, payers, regulators, governments, and the pharmaceutical industry in understanding wellbeing, disease, treatments, outcomes and new therapeutics and devices.

At this time, the thoughts of all those involved in the EHDEN project are with those ill with COVID-19, and those who are looking after them at home or in hospitals.

Clearly, we are all affected by this evolving pandemic, and equally, the project will be impacted by it, but we will aim to mitigate this as best as practicable.

EHDEN is proud to have collaborated with OHDSI colleagues in ongoing studies since March on COVID-19, see more information here and on the OHDSI website here.

Our best wishes to all, stay safe and well.