Findable, standardised data at scale through the EHDEN Database Catalogue


EHDEN is building the sociotechnical architecture to facilitate its European federated network and the research workflow from discovery to analysis within the Findable, Accessible, Interoperable and Reusable (FAIR) principles.

Initially launched within the EHDEN Portal is the Data Partner Catalogue, with Network Dashboard, metadata-driven fingerprint profiles and feasibility dashboards, to be followed by the research workflow infrastructure through to standardised analytical pipeline supported by EHDEN and OHDSI, from study idea through to publication.

The Portal will include modules for Study Management, Data Analytics, an Evidence Hub, a Support Servicedesk, and link through to the EHDEN Academy.

The EHDEN Portal is the main tool for Data Partners and Researchers, with enrolment, single sign off authentication and approval, to understand who may be relevant and interested in the research query or protocol prior to engaging, contracting, seeking approvals and then running rapid, network analysis, publication, etc., within the open science community wanting to generate high quality evidence.


The development roadmap has been outlined for the modular, iterative, development of the Portal, using feedback also to refine the architecture and user feedback. In parallel a service model is also being developed for long term sustainability of EHDEN and the Portal, network and open science community.



Do enrol in the EHDEN Portal, explore the Data Partner Catalogue and Network Dashboard, and feel free to provide us feedback over the coming months, while we execute the roadmap and further build out the Portal. For more guidance on using the Portal, go to Getting Started in the Portal left hand navigation bar once you have an account.