Kaiser & Preusse

Kaiser & Preusse
Street: Schwabentorring
Number: 10
Post Code: 79117
City: Freiburg
Country: Germany
Business Website Address: https://kaiser-preusse.com/
Year of Certification: 2020
Work Languages: English, German
Services: OHDSI Software and Tools, OMOP CDM ETL, Technical infrastructure services, OHDSI Training
Experience with health data translation:

We have worked on data integration projects covering the full spectrum from basic research to clinical data. We have profound knowledge in all major clinical data standards, including OMOP CDM, FHIR and I2B2.

Mapping of health data to standard systems is only the beginning. To create real value, you have to put the data to action and create new insights. In our projects we take a high-level perspective on data and integrate clinical data standards into the overall data architecture. We integrate OMOP CDM with other sources and use it for machine learning applications to leverage the power of harmonized data and create valuable knowledge.

Other expertise :

We have profound expertise in knowledge graph applications and the Neo4j graph database. Beyond health data, we worked with basic research and at the interface of health and research.

We also have expertise in advanced data analysis, graph analytics and machine learning.