Veratech for Health S.L.

Veratech for Health S.L.
BIOHUB VLC (Marina de Valencia), C. de la Travesía
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English, Spanish, Catalan
OHDSI Software and Tools, OMOP CDM ETL, OHDSI Training, OMOP Standardized Vocabularies
Experience with health data translation

VeraTech’s professionals have a wide experience of more than 20 years in consulting, training, and creation of custom developments in the field of semantic interoperability.

This expertise includes various elements or work fields such as the use of clinical information standards that allow the reliable representation of any information from the EHR, as well as the information models that define it (archetypes). This is the case of the ISO 13606, openEHR, HL7 CDA, HL7 FHIR, or more recently, OMOP CDM.

VeraTech has developed an interoperability platform that allows the integration and standard-base normalization of health data, as well as the edition and governance of the archetypes in most health standards used nowadays.

Besides, VeraTech has a wide experience in projects using medical terminologies, such as SNOMED CT or others, that allow the unambiguous description of the concepts used and their meaning. We have developed a SNOMED CT search execution engine that allows the SNOMED CT subsets validation, simplification, execution, graphic representation and mapping to ICD-10. We also offer services for openEHR to OMOP CDM.

Other expertise

We developed LinkEHR Interoperability Platform®, a coherent solution for data integration, archetype modeling, data transformation and, finally, governance of the obtained results. (

In order to deal with data quality issues we defined and implemented several data quality dimensions to assess the quality of the health data that is being standardized. Those are: Uniqueness, Completeness, Consistency, Correction, Temporal Stability, Multisource Stability, Predictive Value.

We have developed an extensive catalogue of training programs in Spanish with the purpose of promotion of health data interoperability literacy. (

VeraTech was born as an innovative SME and now the company is recognized as an R&D expert in the field of health data interoperability. Among the recent R&D+i projects we can highlight

  • The generation of standardized medical data repositories for research with annotated and assured data quality (Exp. IMIDTA/2016/117)
  • Development and technical support for the creation of the semantic interoperability manager of the Valencia regional network of biobanks (EXP. 2018-06)
  • Annotation service of named entities and biomedical events of biomedical / clinical corpus in Spanish (Exp 67/I8PS)