Science & Technology Corporation

Science & Technology Corporation
Olof Palmestraat
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The Netherlands
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+31 152629889
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Work Languages:
English, Dutch
OHDSI Software and Tools, OMOP CDM ETL, OMOP Standardized Vocabularies
Experience with health data translation:

Experience with health data translation has been obtained from work outside S[&]T. Erik van Mulligen has been working with large health data sets in (European) projects (eTransafe, IPCI, etc.). Furthermore, S[&]T has supported its subsidiary Euretos with support in mapping large data sets to a common vocabulary (not to OMOP common data model).

Other expertise :

S[&]T has over 20 years of reputation in the field of earth observation data (in particular for ESA and EUMETSAT). This involves different data processing steps (acquisition, validation, processing, presentation) on a 24 * 7 basis. This requires robust, reliable, monitored services that process the data stream. S[&]T developed a semantic text mining product that uses standardized vocabularies to harmonize textual data. S[&]T also has experience with sensitive data and many employees of S[&]T have a NATO or defense clearance.