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As an international organization with users in over 85 countries, we use English as our primary language. Where necessary to facilitate project communication, we include local partners on our project team.
OHDSI Software and Tools, OMOP CDM ETL, Technical infrastructure services, OHDSI Training, OMOP Standardized Vocabularies
Experience with health data translation

We have extensive experience with both standardized terminologies (SNOMED CT, ICD-9, ICD-10, LOINC, ATC, RxNorm, etc.) and local code systems, as well as national classifications. Through our work with national eHealth programs, we have harmonized a variety of EHR data structures, including standards such as FHIR, openEHR, HL7 v2 and v3, CEN 13606, etc.

Examples include:

  • Full transformation of simulated healthcare dataset using SNOMED CT, LOINC, CPT, and RxNorm to CDM format to allow SNOMED International to demonstrate the value of analytics using SNOMED encoded data. https://mq.b2i.sg
  • Neural machine translation to automate the initial mapping of local codes from over 100 languages to English terms in standardized terminologies.
  • Development of automated mapping software used to map local codes to standardized terminologies: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xyk96JFJpVo
  • We generate the SNOMED-based Singapore Drug Dictionary ontology from medicine product data licensed by the national drug authority. https://www.slideshare.net/Snow_Owl/singapore-drug-dictionary
  • Our software drives the weekly translation of the dictionary of medicines + devices to the UK SNOMED Drug Extension—used in over 150 million electronic prescriptions per month.
  • We provided the International Health Terminology Standards Development Organization with a web service to map textual descriptions to SNOMED CT concepts: https://b2i.sg/gsg-mapping/
  • In the pharmacovigilance area, we worked with the International Institute for the Safety of Medicines to convert patient records from various proprietary formats to HL7 v3 records encoded with SNOMED CT and RxNorm.
  • We also support mapping between Singapore’s national SNOMED CT extension and various terminologies including LOINC, ICD-10-AM, ATC, and some national classifications. https://www.slideshare.net/Snow_Owl/using-snow-owl-to-maintain-singapores-snomed-ct-extension-and-drug-dictionary
Other expertise
  • Our flagship product, Snow Owl®, is a highly scalable, open source FHIR terminology server with revision-control capabilities. It allows you to store, search and author high volumes of terminology artifacts quickly and efficiently. https://github.com/b2ihealthcare/snow-owl
  • We have developed a collaborative terminology authoring platform for clinical terminologies, where the main focus is on SNOMED CT, but we also support a variety of other terminologies (e.g. ICD-10, LOINC, ATC, OPCS-4). http://b2i.sg/collaborative-authoring/
  • Our software maintains national drug dictionaries such as the Singapore Drug Dictionary and the UK dictionary of medicines and devices. Additionally, we have performed mapping between RxNorm and various national drug dictionaries http://b2i.sg/singapore-drug-dictionary-completion/
  • We are involved in various query language standards as the Expression Constraint Language and the SNOMED Query language, that allow statistical analysis and cohort creations of health records.
  • Our advisors in SNOMED International's Modeling and Terminology Release Advisory Groups encourage strategic directions that improve the ability to map to CDM data.