EHDEN adds 22 Data Partners from final Call #7 in 13 countries, 5 in collaboration with HDR UK, and overall network grows to 187, mapping ~830 million records to the OMOP Common Data Model

The EHDEN Consortium is delighted with the response to our final Data Partner Call #7, and are pleased to announce 22 applicants have been selected from 13 countries to join the EHDEN network. This was our most competitive call to date, with 158 applications from 30 countries, meaning the Data Source Prioritisation Committee (DSPC) had a challenge in the selection process, knowing it will be disappointing for those applicants not selected. We also, for the first time, partnered in this call, collaborating with HDR UK, who supported UK applicants selected, with five of the overall selection being UK applicants receiving their grants from HDR UK, and co-supported by EHDEN and HDR UK going forward.

We are delighted with the outcome of all our Data Partner calls to date, and the final call #7, which has been the most competitive of them all. We are now working with 187 Data Partners across 29 countries in EHDEN. We have clearly had a big impact on improving interoperability within countries and across Europe. I am proud that EHDEN is fostering a real paradigm shift to generate reliable evidence that is improving patient care at an unprecedented scale. A big thank you to all EHDEN consortium partners, the certified SMEs, and the Data Partners for all their efforts. This is just the start of a very interesting and impactful journey ahead for all stakeholders.

Prof Peter Rijnbeek

Head of Dept. of Medical Informatics, Erasmus Medical Center, Rotterdam, DARWIN EU® Project Lead, EHDEN Project Coordinator

Combined, the selected Data Partners from Call #7 represent almost 200 million patient records, originating from various care settings, adding to the approximately 630 million records with our 166 Data Partners working with EHDEN from our prior six calls.

As usual, this open call had a focus on countries minimally represented in the current EHDEN network, and with this current call, we have again expanded Data Partners in eastern, southeast Europe and Scandinavia. EHDEN looks forward to all our new Data Partners joining with the 166 Data Partners across the 26 countries from our prior six calls.

We will now be initiating the process of signing a sub-grant agreement with these new Data Partners while in parallel a work plan will be worked out and linkage to one of the EHDEN-certified SMEs will be initiated. We anticipate that the first mappings will start in Q2 of 2023.

As EHDEN Research Coordinator, and Chair of the Data Source Prioritisation Committee, it has been my privilege to work with our Committee Members, and to review all our 563 applications to date, and the 158 in call #7. Thank you to all our applicants across 30 countries, and it’s always bittersweet that we cannot select all applicants, with a limited budget. It has also been a very positive experience collaborating with HDR UK in our last call with UK applicants. We do believe we now have a remarkable open science network of Data Partners uniquely in Europe, and are starting to see the emerging evidence generation pointing to this expanding as we move into sustainability, post-IMI in 2024. EHDEN will continue to grow.

Prof Daniel Prieto-Alhambra

EHDEN’s Research Coordinator, Professor of Pharmaco- and Device Epidemiology, NDORMS, University of Oxford, and Professor, Real World Evidence, Erasmus Medical Center, the Netherlands

As part of this call process and our collaboration, EHDEN and HDR UK have also co-signed a Memorandum of Understanding, recognising our intent to collaborate with our mutual Data Partners in the UK, but also the wider vision of standardisation of data to the OMOP Common Data Model and federation of standardised analytics to support rapid network studies in the UK and Europe.

EHDEN has gone way beyond the aspirations when the IMI call topic was being developed in 2017/2018, and the EFPIA Partners and Pharma R&D Industry are delighted to have supported and invested in EHDEN to reach today’s outcome. Gratitude to our applicants across all seven calls, the DSPC Review Committee and project management colleagues who made all this happen. As a public private consortium we are looking forward to the potential for collaborative evidence generation on real world therapeutic outcomes and the impact for patients and providers. Furthermore, our memorandum of understanding and partnership with HDR UK on co-supporting UK applicants has been a good model for the future. EHDEN is a unique experience globally.

Nigel Hughes

EHDEN Project Lead, and Scientific Director, Epidemiology, Janssen Global R&D

It has been a real pleasure to run this last Data Partner call in collaboration with EHDEN, and we are delighted to be funding five new UK data partners. The enthusiasm, expertise and activity of the EHDEN network demonstrates how important it is to join forces to develop methods, standards and tools to drive better use of data. Through this new collaboration between the UK Health Data Research Alliance and the EHDEN network, we will bring communities together to transform datasets to the OMOP common data model, which is an important step to enable federated analytics for research and innovations that improve people’s lives.

Paola Quattroni

Head of Alliance Strategy & Engagement, Health Data Research Alliance

Below is the list of Data Partners, grouped per country:

  • Denmark
    • University of Southern Denmark
  • Finland
    • Finnish Institute of Health and Welfare *
    • FinRegistry (Institute of Molecular Medicine Finland (FIMM), University of Helsinki)
  • Georgia
    • Telavi Regional Hospital
  • Germany
    • InGef - Institute for Applied Health Research Berlin GmbH
    • German Cancer Society (DKG)
  • Greece
  • Hungary
    • National Institute of Health Insurance Fund Management Hungary
  • Israel
    • Assuta medical centers
  • Spain
    • Quironsalud
    • Servei Català de la Salut
  • Sweden
    • Stockholm CREAtinine Measurements Project
    • Gothenburg University
  • Turkey
    • Bayindir Healthcare Group
  • The Netherlands
    • Lage Landen Foundation
  • Ukraine
    • National Cancer Institute
  • UK (funded by HDR UK)
    • Discover-NOW
    • Lancashire Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust
    • National Joint Registry
    • Genomics England

*already a Data Partner from prior Calls, now extending their CDM mapping