DARWIN EU Open Call for Data Partners

DARWIN EU®, the Data Analysis and Real World Interrogation Network, has accomplished its first year of establishment. Following the set-up of the DARWIN EU® Coordination Centre in February 2022, the first ten Data Partners were onboarded. We are proud that multiple data sources included in this first year have been mapped to the OMOP CDM with support from EHDEN. The network also initiated its first four studies using real world data (RWD) from across Europe to better understand diseases, populations and the uses and effects of medicines.

DARWIN EU® has ambitious plans for 2023. The network will onboard ten additional Data Partners and initiate approximately sixteen studies. Data Partners can be public or private institutions with access to real world healthcare data from a variety of sources such as hospitals, primary care, health insurance, registries and biobanks. They will collaborate with the DARWIN EU® Coordination Centre to enable analyses of their data to deliver RWE.

Data Partner Open Call

The Open Call for expressions of interest from potential Data Partners is now open (deadline 30th April). Aspiring Data Partners are invited to visit the DARWIN EU® website for further information. EHDEN would like to invite all its Data Partners and all other European databases mapped to OMOP to express their interest.