The summary report of our foundational year is now available!

We are excited and proud of EHDEN’s progress in year one, and on behalf of the Consortium, thank everyone who has collaborated with us on our journey so far – it has been remarkable.

When we started EHDEN we were intent on ensuring we met our goals and deliverables as per plan, and importantly set a solid foundation for our collective work, as well as the future years of the project. Based on this foundational year’s output, we are confident that in the second year we will see the first mapping cycle work between Data Partners and certified SMEs, which will form the basis for the EHDEN federated network. We look forward to working together with Data Partners on use cases to validate and verify the network approach later in 2020, evaluate the platform architecture, and meanwhile, expanding our open calls to more Data Partners and SMEs.

The overview of our progress during this foundational year can be found in this summary report.

We hope you enjoy reading this summary report and are very grateful you are on board for EHDEN’s exciting and impactful journey.