EHDEN’s COVID-19 Rapid Collaboration Call Summary

Strong Data Partner response to generate real-world evidence and treatment insights

15 June, 2020, Brussels, Belgium:  From 16 April – 14 May, EHDEN announced a rolling COVID-19 Rapid Collaboration Call. Its goal is to help clinicians, scientists, governments and the public to know more about characterising patients with COVID-19, how best to manage their care, and if certain treatments are safe and effective.

Upon conclusion of the Call:

  * 75 applications were submitted from twenty countries across Europe

  * 25 Data Partners have been accepted from ten countries

* Includes data from 1 million SARS-COV-2-tested patients; 228,000 of whom tested positive.

With this part of the process now completed, harmonisation of data to the OMOP Common Data Model has begun so that meaningful insights and evidence can be generated in the coming months  that will ultimately improve patient care.

“We’re delighted by the unprecedented response to our COVID-19 Rapid Call! Our attention is now focused on working with our twenty-five Data Partners to harmonise their COVID-19 data, and most importantly -- looking forward to being able to collaborate on studies that will improve our insights into COVID-19,” said Associate Professor and EHDEN Coordinator, Peter Rijnbeek.