EHDEN certifies the next 6 SMEs.

On 9-10 December, EHDEN welcomed the second batch of six SMEs to the Erasmus Medical Centre in Rotterdam. During these two days, the SMEs were certified by EHDEN for their knowledge on standardising health data to the OMOP common data model (CDM) and the installation of the technical infrastructure.

With this second batch of six SMEs, EHDEN concluded its first open call for SMEs. In total, we received twenty-eight eligible applications of which 11 were successfully. The eleven EHDEN certified SMEs are in the following countries: Belgium, Luxembourg, United Kingdom, Finland, Hungary, Italy, Switzerland, France, Estonia.

During autumn, these six SMEs have followed the training curriculum in the EHDEN Academy. This valuable resource is developed by EHDEN to educate the whole community. The first day of the certification meeting provided additional training included lessons learned and first-hand examples of what to expect and how to handle certain situations. The second day was a hands-on session where each SME had access to a simulated version of the IPCI database in a Virtual Machine in the Amazon Cloud. The SME then had to define the mapping logic and a process on how they would approach the implementation of the ETL for IPCI.

And at the end of the second day, each SME received their EHDEN certificate. We want to congratulate P-95, Clinerion, Biomeris, Easter-Eggs, Stacc and Quretec  on becoming certified and welcome these SMEs into the EHDEN community!