Use cases

Study: Background Rates of AESI for Vaccines

Objective: The largest, most extensive global network study (~126mio people in 8 countries) on background rates for AESIs (Adverse Events of Special Interest) identifies important age, sex and database differences to inform future surveillance efforts.

Conclusions: This study found large variations in the observed rates of AESIs by age group and sex, showing the need for stratification or standardisation before using background rates for safety surveillance. Considerable population heterogeneity in AESI rates was found between databases.

Link to this paper for detailed results.

Health Technology Assessment (HTA) Use Case: Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD)


  • Understand the extent to which the OMOP common data model and standardised analytical tools support evidence generation for HTA of chronic diseases.
  • Assess the extent to which current ETL processes support common HTA use cases.
  • Assess the ability to generate reliable evidence for multiple jurisdictions.
  • Identify priority areas for further developments to the common data model or analytical tools to support such applications.


  • Ensure use of data for HTA purposes is reflected in data processing and mapping processes and ensure HTA experts are involved in the ETL process.
  • Map visits in a way that reflects the specificity of healthcare delivery in different settings, e.g., distinguishing between primary and secondary care.
  • Development of analytical tools to support common analyses for HTA purposes

Complete results can be found in this abstract.