The overall objective of the EHDEN project is to significantly extend the volume of ‘readily available’ health data sets for the generation of Real World Evidence in Europe and to reduce the time required to answer a question. This is being implemented through the harmonisation of what currently stands as approximately 500 million anonymous patient records to the OMOP Common Data Model. The EHDEN project requires the identification and mapping of large and diverse set of data sources in Europe.

The harmonisation of the data will be driven through Open Calls aimed at gathering data sources external to the Consortium which will be mapped to OMOM-CDM. This process will be supported by certified SMEs.

EHDEN has devised two types of Open Calls:

  • Data Source Grant Awarding (link to data sources info) - two final calls will be held in 2022
  • SME Selection for Certification (link to SME info) - note that these calls are now closed, but further information will follow on opportunities to collaborate with EHDEN in the future