Norwegian registries onto OMOP Common Data Model (CC#9)

Nhung Tring, Post-Doc, and colleagues from the Department of Pharmacy, University of Oslo, and EdenceHealth, an EHDEN Certified SME, discuss their collaboration in mapping Norwegian registry data into the OMOP CDM, with insights on the challenges and opportunities related to working with the output for pregnancy studies.

Norway has a universal healthcare system, each individual with a personal identifier in a population of 5.5 million. Multiple registries have been developed, and from these, 5 were mapped to the OMOP CDM (more to be added), all facilitating research into pregnancy. An overview of the mapping process is outlined, in this case within a centralised air-gapped data hub.

Following an initial workshop and ETL design, standard codes and concepts have some limitations, requiring custom ones for those not supported currently, and some manual mapping work beyond the tools. A pregnancy extension table for the OMOP CDM may be a future consideration to respond to these limitations. Following mapping and data quality evaluation, studies were proposed and R packages designed, with onsite installation into the isolated data hub, and an overview of one study is presented here.