Interoperability from a Data Partner’s point of view, Health Data Hub (CC#8)

The French Health Data Hub (HDH) is a public health interest group formed in 2020 following legislative changes for the French healthcare system, and in particular to ensure the easy, unified, transparent and secure use of health data to improve the quality of care and support for patients.  This overview was courtesy of Lorien Benda, Cécile Roseau and Gaëlle Rimaud.

The HDH has four pillars, (1) acting as a unique gateway to health data in France, (2) a collection of databases, including one of the largest medico-administrative database in the world (SNDS), (3) a state-of-the-art and secure technology platform, and (4) a toolbox for key stakeholders fostering a collaborative health data culture. At the heart of HDH is a data catalogue (not source data), and a workflow incorporating an authorisation phase and a  project space/trusted research environment to support research analyses.

During this presentation, a use case involving the SNDS database, with some 250Tb of data in 180 tables of >4,500 variables, covering almost the entire French population is covered. The HDH is involved in EHDEN via the second COVID-19 Data Partner call, and the fifth Data Partner general call from 2020 and 2021 respectively, working with other partners in Bordeaux and Paris on mapping the SNDS to the OMOP Common Data Model within a standard ETL process. HDH colleagues describe and outline the ETL process utilised within this presentation, inclusive of the some of the challenges and lessons learned. This exemplar use case is a very insightful one for working with a large dataset and mapping to the OMOP CDM. Quality checks were conducted, including re-running studies, such as a systemic glucocorticoids for COVID-19 by the European Medicines Agency, as well as populating the data quality dashboards now being routinely used post-ETL, with results from analyses presented in this video.