Federated data networks and HTA: oncology study-a-thon (CC#14)

Our Community call #14 from 13 June, 2024 shared experiences from a study-a-thon on oncology - an HTA use case on cancer survival - that took place in Barcelona in January 2023.  Dr. Ravinder Claire, Scientific Adviser, Science Policy and Research Programme, NICE, UK, and EHDEN Work Package 2 Co-Lead kicked off the presentation. The overarching question to be addressed: how do long-term projections based on trial controls compare with the real world? The study-a-thon's three primary objectives were to:
  • Create a dashboard prototype for multiple data sources so users can easily examine natural history data and common extrapolation models for a range of (8) cancers
  • Describe the overall survival rate of multiple cancers across multiple data sources
  • Compare long-term survival vs. predicted survival of multiple cancers across multiple data sources
Dr. Danielle Newby, University of Oxford, UK then covered the evolution of the study-a-thon, from protocol to the data analytics to the study results. NICE Scientific Adviser, Jeremy Dietz wrapped up the presentation by sharing some of the results, which included CPRD data from 1.6 million patients. Fifteen EHDEN Data Partners from seven countries participated in the study-a-thon.