Uppsala Monitoring Centre/EHDEN pharmacovigilance evidence-a-thon

Individual case reports are the main asset in pharmacovigilance signal management. Signal validation is the first stage after signal detection and aims to determine if there is sufficient evidence to justify further assessment. Throughout signal management, a prioritization of signals is continually made. Routinely collected health data can provide relevant contextual information but are primarily used at a later stage in pharmacoepidemiological studies to assess communicated signals.

More information can be found on our website, in the Uppsala Reports and link to full article published in Drug Safety.

confirming the second E in EHDEN: evidence

Objective: Nineteen ETL Taskforce members and OHDSI colleagues came together virtually in July 2021 for EHDEN’s first evidence-a-thon.  The premise was running the R packages from the study published as a special paper in the BMJ (British Medical Journal) on characterising the background incidence rates of adverse events of special interest (AESIs) for COVID-19 vaccines in eight countries. This would enable EHDEN Data Partners (DPs) to familiarise themselves with running analyses on top of their OMOP mapped datasets, and for EHDEN and OHDSI colleagues to both evaluate the veracity of those mappings, as well as providing educational support to the DPs.

More details can be found here.