Evidence-a-thon, learnings from Data Partner participation (CC#7)

Erica Voss, Director, Observational Health Data Analytics, Janssen R&D, and PhD student, Erasmus MC/EHDEN, guides us through the examples of network-based research and specifically the concept of the Evidence-a-thon, or e-thon. Key to this process is running at least one study with newly onboarded EHDEN Data Partners within 1-2 months of their mapping to the OMOP CDM being complete. This also helps with both training of Data Partners in conducting studies with the standardised analytical tools on top of their CDM-mapped datasets, using cohort diagnostics, as well as planning for future studies.

In an overview of the first two of a series of e-thons, the evidence generation focus was on phenotyping thrombosis-thrombocytopenia syndrome (TTS), and estimating background rates of TTS and other Adverse Events of Special Interest (AESI) for monitoring the safety of COVID-19 vaccines. This was based on being able to re-run the analytical packages from the Xintong Li, et al paper in the BMJ (2021) on background incidence of AESIs across eight countries within a multinational network cohort study. In the e-thon replication, Data Partners participated, and initial results are presented, as well as insights into the process conducted.