EHDEN Academy

The EHDEN Academy’s mission is to provide quality education for the open science community at scale, supporting our greater vision within EHDEN of ensuring 21st century tools for 21st century research that ultimately improve treatment for patients across Europe.

The academy can be accessed via

Courses & Learning Paths

Training in EHDEN is organised in different Learning Paths which are a combiniation of courses and skills relevant to the respective path.

  • Courses

Multiple courses have been added over the past year, mainly focused on the skills the EHDEN certified SMEs needed for their certification, but many others will be added in the months to come. The already available courses are however applicable to anyone who is interested in working with RWD.

  • Skills

The first skill training available via the Academy describes the use of Structured Query Language (SQL) as this language is often used in the work we do.

  • Learning paths

We currently have 2 learning paths, which are focused on harmonising data to the OMOP CDM (SMEs and ETL). However, we are now working on adding new learning paths for data partners and researches in the near future.

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Development of the EHDEN Academy would not have been possible without the help of many community members. While it's impossible to list everyone who has helped us get to where we are now, there are some people who we would like to thank for their significant contributions in setting up the Academy: Henrik John, Nigel Hughes, Jelle Praet, Peter Rijnbeek and Patrick Ryan.

Additionally, we are very gratefull to everyone who helped compiling the courses: Claire Blacketer, Henrik John, Nigel Hughes, Jelle Praet, Peter Rijnbeek, Patrick Ryan, Craig Sachson and Anthony Senna.


Development of the Academy is driven by EHDEN but is in essence a collaborative effort together with the OHDSI community.

  • EHDEN utilises and helps to further develop the open source tools from the OHDSI community.
  • EHDEN is realising the widespread adoption of the OMOP CDM in Europe.
  • Many of the EHDEN partners have long been involved in the OHDSI community.

We are also very grateful for the support we receive from Amazon Workspaces.

  • AWS provides scalable hosting for our Academy.
  • AWS also provides virtual machines which are used during the training.


The ultimate aim of the EHDEN academy is to become the trusted and go-to place for courses on using real-world data and generating real-world evidence. To realize this goal, a governance structure was set up to support and maintain the Academy infrastructure, to handle any community requests and enquiries and most importantly, to ensure the addition of new courses and learning paths in the Academy.

EHDEN Academy Governance Structure

Executive Board

  • EHDEN/OHDSI representatives
  • Strategy & structure
  • Longer term roadmap

PM Support

  • General administration
  • Logistics

IT Support

  • Site maintenance
  • Site development
  • Collaboration with AWS

Faculty/Course leads

  • EHDEN Ex-Com + OHDSI
  • One course lead per course
  • Meets on monthly basis

Editorial Board

  • Review of courses
  • Subject matter experts
  • Course lead support

For any questions or suggestions, contact us at !

(We will reply to your email within 72 hours)

The EHDEN Academy is not an educational institution at this time, and does not issue certifications, but strives to provide high quality, open science educational resources for those studying them; however, support is limited at this time.