COVID-19 Rapid Call ETL experience in mapping to the OMOP CDM, LynxCare (CC#3)

Dries Hens and Wout Olyslagers of Lynxcare, an AI-powered clinical data platform, and working to be an EHDEN certified SME, explored the mapping of COVID-19 records data across 3 different EHR systems in 6 different Belgium hospital data sources.

The emphasis was the deployment of a clinical decision support platform on top of the federated CDM-mapped hospital EHRs, inclusive of using natural language processing models to incorporate unstructured data. Wout discussed the ETL cycle, and particular challenges and solutions, inclusive of file formats to data interpolation, and the incorporation of NLP outputs into the OMOP CDM.

Lynxcare now have an automated refresh process, inclusive of the ETL and analytical OHDSI tools in docker environments with a preconfigured SQL query library. Dries, Wout and colleagues are looking forward to being EHDEN certified, but also collaborating in future research.