EHDEN Academy Courses for Non-Experts Extended to 4th Module on Patient Reported Outcomes

With module 4 now posted, EHDEN (European Health Data & Evidence Network), and IMI H20 (Health Outcomes Observatory) launched their lay-language course collaboration on Patient Reported Outcomes. This is the 4th course in the series of introductory-level courses on the EHDEN Academy, which have been co-produced in partnership with the European Patients’ Forum.

This introductory course is designed to familiarise non-experts with the basic concepts around Patient Reported Outcomes, or PROs. The course uses animated content and accessible examples to explain what ‘outcome’ means in healthcare, why PROs are important and how they are gathered, why it is beneficial to share PRO data, the safeguards in place, and more.

Module 4 builds on the foundational concepts explored in modules 1-3. You can access the course, plus many other free training materials at the EHDEN Academy,

The three prior modules are designed to familiarise non-experts with the basics of health data in terms of how it’s created, shared, analysed, and protected.

  • Module 1 looks at real-life examples to illustrate key concepts such as what are real world data and real world evidence.
  • Module 2 sheds light on how data is managed across a large, federated network, at scale.
  • Module 3 focuses on the benefits, possible risks, and protections around health data.


Each module builds on the foundations established in the previous one.

You can access each of the three already published modules, this fourth one, as well as many other free, expert training courses supporting tools, skills and methods for observational research by registering for free at the EHDEN Academy.