09/2019 – Pilot Call

The first open call for data partners, the Pilot call, ran between September 1st and 15th.

More detailed information about this pilot call for data partners can be found in the Data Partner Pilot Call Description document.

This Data Partner Pilot call document refers to two more documents:

  • a template of the code of conduct for the reviewers which can be found here
  • a sub-grant agreement for data partners which can be found here

Data Partner pilot call - Timeline and approach

TheData Partner pilot call was the 1st call in a series of calls. The call description document was open for public review between July 15th and August 15th to allow the EHDEN project to optimize procedures and clarify the pilot call text if deemed necessary. The application phase of the Data Partner pilot was open between September 1st 9:00 am until Sept 15th 17:00 pm.

Call results

During this first open call for data partners, we've received 29 applications which were eligible according to our eligibility criteria. Of these, 20 data partners were selected, covering eight different countries and over 170 million patient records.