COVID-19 Rapid Call ETL experience in mapping to the OMOP CDM, Heliant Health (CC#2)

Filip Malković of Heliant, presents the University Clinical Centre (UCC) of Serbia’s experience in mapping COVID-19 clinical data, in conjunction with Clinerion, an EHDEN certified SME.

He covers the background of the UCC, ETL process in conjunction with the EHDEN COVID-19 ETL Taskforce, the vocabulary mappings, data quality assessment, cohorts and studies performed and next steps planned.

Filip explores the use of the relevant tools, Rabbit in a Hat, Usagi, Data Quality Dashboard, and Achilles, used in the mapping of COVID-19 patients within an 800,000 patient records dataset from 2019 onwards, and some of the studies performed on top of the CDM-mapped dataset, such as an initial feasibility study, and an Adverse Events of Special Interest (AESI) R package run for population trends with regards to COVID-19 vaccines.