Work Package 3

Work Package 3 - Personalised Medicine and Federated Networks - is led by Ross D. William, PhD student, Erasmus University Medical Center, the Netherlands; and Mark Kruger, Head of Data Management/Digital RWE at Sanofi.

WP3 aims to develop a standardised process to enable personalised decision-making. This includes well-calibrated patient-centred predictive models and risk-effect estimation methods that can be utilised for multiple outcomes of interest to patients and can be applied to observational healthcare data from any patient subpopulation of interest available in the OMOP CDM.

We also include insights from five Erasmus University Medical Center PhD students who are part of Prof. Rijnbeek’s team. They support Work Package 3 and share insights on their study focus areas, discussing predictive analytics and methods within a federated environment.


Patient level prediction for dementia patients age 55-85 (Henrik John)

Personalised medicine and risk scores for patients (Ross D. Williams)

Explainable AI and creating insights on patient prediction models (Aniek Markus)



The impact of study design on the performance of patient-level prediction models (Cynthia Yang)

The use of unstructured text in clinical analyses in patient prediction models (Tom Seinen)