Results of the first EHDEN open call for data partners

The EHDEN consortium is pleased to announce that a total of 20 data partners have been selected in the first open call for data partners. Having received a total of 29 eligible applications, these 20 applications were selected by the EHDEN Data Source Prioritisation Committee. Combined, the 20 selected data partners represent over 150 million patient records, originating from various care settings. Geographically, they cover France, Denmark, the UK, Finland, Spain, Serbia, Portugal and The Netherlands.

As this was a first pilot call, the actual application phase (which took place throughout September) was preceded by a consultation phase in which we invited the community to provide input on our call description. We are now in the process of signing a sub-grant agreement with these 20 data partners while in parallel a work plan is being worked out and linkage to one of the EHDEN-certified SMEs is being initiated. We anticipate that the first mappings will start early February. The names of the individual data partners will be disclosed once the sub-grant agreements have been signed.

We are thrilled with the current progress as these initial 20 data partners form a very solid foundation for our federated data network. The latter which will allow us to run federated research studies and thus to generate meaningful evidence.

If you are interested in applying to a future call, then follow us via our website, social media channels or subscribe to our newsletter to stay up to date on all upcoming open calls. More information about the previous data partner call can be found here.