Open calls overview

The EHDEN project aims to collaborate with diverse institutions, data sources and data custodians across the EU, with a goal of harmonising source data to the OMOP common data model locally, within a federated network. The aim is to harmonise more than 100 million health records utilising the services of certified SMEs to conduct the local mapping working with the data source locally. EHDEN will conduct two open calls for both parties, to invite SMEs to be certified by the project, and for data sources to apply for a capped grant to support the mapping work with EHDEN certified SMEs.

The image below outlines the mapping calls and processes beyond them, but further information for interested parties will be available via the call portal. Ultimately, EHDEN’s aim is to create an open science research collaborative network, based on a common data model, common federated architecture, and common research methodologies at scale across the EU.

Throughout 2021, we will host 3 open calls:

  • An open call for SMEs running from March 15 to April 12.
  • An open call for Data Partner running from April 15 to May 13.
  • A second open call for Data Partners running from September 15 to October 13.

These timelines are provisional and more detailed information will become available closer to the opening of these calls. A general description of each of the calls is available via the Open calls for SMEs page and the Open calls for Data Partners page.