05/2022 – 6th Call

The 6th open call for data partners has now closed. It ran between May 13th 12:00 CET and June 15th 17:00 CET. A final 7th open call will run between October/November 2022.

Detailed information on this call can be found in the Data Partner Call Description document.

For this 6th Data Partner call our preferences for applications were as follows:

  • All applications are welcome
  • Applications from countries not yet (or minimally) represented in the EHDEN Network will be especially welcome
  • Applicants can consult our Data Partners page for a complete view of the current EHDEN Data Partners, so that they can assess how evaluators may perceive their added value for the Network
  • We are highly interested in the following types of data sources, but not exclusively:  
    • Hospital data, especially in combination with other types of healthcare records, e.g., from primary care 
    • Registries 
    • Patient Outcomes, e.g., PROs/PREMs/HRQoL 
    • Claims, resource utilisation 
  • Specific interest for this call (but not exclusively):
    • Monitoring vaccine use, safety and effectiveness, in the public health emergency setting (e.g. COVID-19) and in routine healthcare (for all existing and novel vaccines)  
    • Rare/autoimmune/inflammatory diseases (including use of ATMPs) 
    • Diabetes Mellitus 
    • Neurology  
    • Oncology 
    • Medical devices 

The Data Partner call document refers to two more documents:

  • a template of the code of conduct for the reviewers which can be found here
  • a sub-grant agreement for Data Partners which can be found here


Results of this call will be public in July 2022.