Launch of the EHDEN Service Provider Directory

At the end of 2019, EHDEN launched the EHDEN ‘Directory of Service Providers’. EHDEN’s main objective is to create an EU-wide eco-system for federated analyses of real world data standardised to the OMOP CDM. By listing all EHDEN certified SMEs in this directory, we enable data partners to easily find the SME of their choice to help them with the harmonisation of their data to the OMOP CDM.

Currently, the directory lists all 11 EHDEN-certified SMEs, and more will follow shortly as we will have 2 new open calls for SMEs in 2020. Geographically, these 11 SMEs cover Finland, Estonia, Hungary, Italy, France, Luxembourg, Belgium, Switzerland and the UK. One of the aims of the 2 upcoming calls in 2020 is to gain a broader geographic coverage in areas currently under-represented.

The directory offers a high-level overview of the capabilities and experience of each SME, as well as contact information and information on for example which working languages they feel comfortable with. This should allow data partners looking for an SME, to get a good view on which SME fits their needs best. The directory categorizes SMEs according to the services they offer, amongst which: Installation of OHDSI Software and Tools / Providing OHDSI Training / Creating and running OMOP CDM ETL / Mapping to OMOP Standardized vocabularies / Technical infrastructure Services.

More information about the certification of the first 11 SMEs can be found here and here.

More information about the directory and the different services can be found here.

Directly access the directory via the EHDEN website.