Data Partner Calls

The open calls for Data Partners in 2022: more information via this news update.

Why do we launch Open calls for Data Partners?

The European Health Data and Evidence Network (EHDEN) invites Data Partners in Europe to apply for funding to map their health data to the OMOP common data model (CDM). The ambitions of the EHDEN project are high. We initially aimed to standardise more than 100 million anonymous patient records across Europe from different geographic areas and different data sources. This number has since grown to more than 500 million patient records. Mapping of such data to the OMOP CDM will facilitate their use for a variety of purposes, enhancing and accelerating research and healthcare decision-making for global benefit.

The EHDEN Harmonisation Fund

In EHDEN we have a fund of 15 million Euro to support our data standardisation efforts across Europe.  A maximum of 100.000 Euro per Data Partner can be made available to financial support the harmonisation efforts. To find out more about our Harmonisation Fund and how we determine the size of the grants, please go to our Harmonisation Fund page.

Why should you apply?

Below we list key reasons why we believe a Data Partner may wish to apply to EHDEN. For more details related to each of these key values, we refer to the call description document.

  • Easier scientific collaboration through a thriving community
  • Boost opportunities to participate in international studies for larger impact
  • Improved interoperability adds value to your data
  • Financial support for uptake, extension and validation of mappings
  • Increased visibility for your capacity
  • Enhanced capability for study design and analysis thanks to a host of open source tools
  • Increased reproducibility and transparency of analyses
  • Faster performing studies for accelerated research
  • Federated approach allows to retain full control of the data
  • Support your own decision-making processes by easily characterising and visualising your data
  • Platform for training of young researchers and new staff
  • Framework to demonstrate reliability and utility of observational data analyses
  • Improve your readiness for a new research environment and evidence generation framework

In addition, we highly recommend watching the EHDEN webinars which include conversations with researchers and data custodians that are already part of this exciting journey (Webinars). The presentations given at the OHDSI Symposia might also offer a valuable source of information (OHDSI Europe and OHDSI) if you want to become more familiar with the vibrant community.