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14 564
Kifissia - Athens
Business Phone Number
+30 216 0012940
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Year of Certification
Work Languages
Greek, English
OHDSI Software and Tools, OMOP CDM ETL, Technical infrastructure services, OHDSI Training, OMOP Standardized Vocabularies
Experience with health data translation

COVARIANCE is a company with a strong track record in big data analysis as well as in administration and maintenance of medical and pharmaceutical databases. Among others, COVARIANCE analyzes large and complex datasets easily and efficiently in order to improve chronic and infectious diseases’ control by identifying the most effective treatments and therapies for the patients, as well as to protect the public health by speeding up the discovery of patterns in disease and by facilitating the communication of results through open, interoperable predictive analytics solutions. COVARIANCE’s biostatistical department has a significant experience in the analysis of electronic medical records (EMR), as well as in the analysis of retrospective and prospective clinical trials and epidemiological studies, while it has also a large experience in offering efficient and innovative solutions in the context of genomic and real- world data. COVARIANCE employs a vast array of methodologies ranging from Machine Learning and Deep Learning to Agile, and PRINCE2 Project Management. Our team is a unique skill mix of Academics, Data Scientists, Biostatisticians, Health Economists, Pharma and Healthcare experts. COVARIANCE is ISO accredited and complies with GDPR regulation throughout all operational stages

Other expertise

● is expert in statistical programming (R, Python, SAS, STATA, SPSS, etc)
● is experienced in database programming (PostgresQL, Oracle SQL, MySQL, MSSQL)
● is experienced in Natural Language Processing (Greek and English language) and image analysis.
● is experienced in web application development (i.e. front end web applications that expose data, analyse and give insights and backend applications that manage complex data structures as well as expose API services).
● is experienced in mobile application development (i.e. mobile applications that use real time user biometric inputs or enabling fast and user friendly access to medical data and services from mobile devices).