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+358 45 847 8878
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English, Finnish, Swedish, Dutch, German
OHDSI Software and Tools, OMOP CDM ETL, Technical infrastructure services
Experience with health data translation
  • MediSapiens has extensive experience in the curation and ontology mapping of public and proprietary data for clients working in pharma, biobanking and healthcare.
  • The curation and mapping of ontologies is complementary to the OMOP mapping: it ensures that all content is standardized with, for instance, the same standards of measurement, terminologies and other.
  • Examples of (public) data sets we have curated include: TCGA, IST Online ( CCLE and assorted GEO datasets
  • MediSapiens has its own curation and ontology mapping technology “Accurate” that provides a high level of automation, but also quality assurance in managing curation and ontology mapping tasks. Accurate is available for use at
  • MediSapiens can also provide curation as a service with its experienced data team
Other expertise

MediSapiens provides software modules and complete IT solutions for biomedical, genomic and healthcare data, that provide support with

  • Data quality, using curation and ontology mapping
  • Centralised data management and storage
  • Data exploration and analytics
  • Data interpretation

All of the above can be provided with Graphical User Interfaces and/or programmable APIs
In addition, MediSapiens provides the following professional services

  • Curation and ontology mapping, both as a service and as a technology
  • Data exploration and analytics
  • Data interpretation

MediSapiens provides the following licensable products

  • Genius - a platform to manage and query large cohorts of genomic and phenotype data, enabling the combining of different datasets for larger volumes of results.
  • Accurate - a time- and cost-effective application to curate your clinical data and map your ontologies. Prepare and synchronize your datasets before you start your research, making the data content consistent and quality checked, yet with the least amount of effort
  • Biond - a multi-omics analytical platform, enabling many data cohorts to be combined, queried and visualized through a large set of filters and visualizations
  • IST Online - the world's largest fully integrated and annotated human gene expression data source, available for free: