BLOG – New HTA Courses now available on EHDEN Academy

As part of our commitment to education, we at the EHDEN Academy are pleased to share our new HTA track of courses, curated by our partner NICE and developed by leading experts. These courses are designed to empower healthcare professionals, researchers, and policy-makers with the tools and knowledge needed to drive innovation and efficiency in healthcare.

Our first course, Introduction to Health Technology Assessment, serves as a foundational step through the journey to understand the processes and principles that underpin HTA. This course, developed with input from NICE’s Science Policy and Research programme and NICE International, explains the critical role of HTA in balancing clinical and cost-effectiveness with patient outcomes. It’s an essential resource for anyone looking to understand how healthcare technologies are evaluated and integrated into health systems.

The second course was developed by Professor Jeroen Jansen (Department of Clinical Pharmacy, University of California – San Francisco), Applied Cost-Effectiveness Modelling with R, offers a deep dive into the economic evaluation of health technologies using the statistical software R. This course is particularly tailored for those interested in the quantitative aspects of HTA, providing hands-on experience in building and analysing cost-effectiveness models. Whether you are a health economist or a data scientist, this course will enhance your ability to contribute to more informed healthcare decisions.

Lastly, our third course, Assessing Healthcare Using Outcomes That Matter to Patients, is developed by our partner International Consortium of Health Outcomes Measurement (ICHOM). This course is designed to shift the focus of healthcare assessment towards outcomes that truly matter to patients, where learners are guided through the importance of patient-reported outcomes in achieving value-based healthcare.

All Academy courses are free and accessible online, enabling learners to benefit from this knowledge at their own pace. These courses are not only informational but also interactive, featuring assessments and practical case studies to ensure a comprehensive learning experience. In addition to gaining a solid grounding in HTA, economic modelling, and patient-centred outcomes directly from experts, they will one’s ability to impact and apply the knowledge and tools from these courses to influence healthcare decisions effectively.

Patrick Ryan, EHDEN Project Co-Lead, VP at Janssen R&D, Assistant Professor at Columbia, and Collaborator with OHDSI, noted, “There’s a huge potential to expand the use of reliable real-world evidence for health technology assessment.  We are proud of EHDEN’s collaborations with NICE, ICHOM and the University of California – San Francisco, and excited by their development of new EHDEN Academy courses that allow for all stakeholders to learn more and identify new opportunities for community collaboration.”

To enrol and learn more about these transformative educational offerings, here’s a link to the EHDEN Academy.


Dr Ravinder Claire 

Scientific Adviser – Science Policy and Research Programme

National Institute for Health and Care Excellence

United Kingdom